Sorry guys, life has really been throwing stresses at me like crazy these past few weeks; clearly, God thinks I’m too awesome and wants to slow me down. I just think it’s appropriate to let you know I don’t see myself updating for awhile. It was an extremely fun and passionate project but,  in my last year of univ, time is starting to become a huge limiting factor. If anyone is interested in taking over the project, feel free to contact me: You will need to be well versed in Live Writer and Komposer (HTML editing), no pressure. 😉

This is a permanent sticky for news, polls, and such. Please feel free to leave any comments, questions, suggestions and I will get back to you asap! 🙂

Chapter 645 – Death Is Also Revenge

Update for Chapter 645 released!

V1.0 – Enjoy!

Late update is late.

OP Chapter 645 Cover


New “DISCUSSIONS” section

I would like to introduce the new “Discussions” section (see menu above and sidebar on your right). I will be moving the Chimera Theory over to there along with any other topics that are open for discussion. If anyone is interested in contributing a section on any topic to this site, just leave a message on the main Discussion page.

I would also like to introduce a new contributor, Frostypau, who wrote and will be managing the 2nd topic: “Who will be the next Strawhat?”. Click below to check it out!

Chapter 644 – To Zero

Update for Chapter 644 released!

V1.0 – Enjoy!

I’m starting to think Hody enjoys getting whooped. How kinky.

OP Chapter 644 Cover